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Below are forms for procedures related to Digital Acquisitions. Please download the latest version of the form before completing and submitting it. Submission instructions are available on each form. Contact if you have any questions.

This page was revised on 3.15.06, please contact Amber Meryman if you have any questions or comments.


Submit a new e-journal request
(purchased, or free with print and already registered)
Submit an e-journal request for free, unlicensed titles
Request an update for a title in SFX/MARCit!
(changes will be reflected in HOLLIS/E-Research)


Request a new acquisition or product trial
Add a resource to E-Research
(Also for updating information for an existing resource)
Request a free, unlicensed resource be reviewed for addition to E-Research


Submit a new e-book for URN creation
Request batch records be loaded into HOLLIS
Library Digital Initiative