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Resource Description Form
(updated for Metalib)

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This is a NEW resource
This is an UPDATE to an existing resource

To revise an existing description, please copy and paste the relevant text from the MetaLib info button into the form below.  You may leave blank any fields that should remain unchanged.


Official name of resource (omit initial articles; change “&” to “and”):




Resource type/ subcategory

choose ONE:

Description [formerly "Scope"]

The description should be several sentences to a short paragraph describing the content. It will be visible to users who view the info box by clicking the info button. Resource stewards are responsible for maintaining the currency of the information in the description, so be judicious in the inclusion of detail. Avoid library jargon.

Alternative names

TWO alternative names may be added if desired. They will NOT display as entries in the alphabetical list.

Coverage [formerly "Dates"]

Indicate the years covered by this resource. If the format of the content (full text, abstracts, etc.) varies by year, be as explicit as possible. If the content coverage varies greatly or is unclear, consider noting this in the Description.


Indicate the frequency at which this resource is updated, e.g. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Irregular.

User guide

Provide the URL of the locally created user guide, e.g. http://www.countway.harvard.edu/reference/courseware/PubMedGuide.pdf

Related formats

This field is for information about print counterparts or companion resources that supplement this resource. Use this field to direct users to earlier coverage available in print versions of indexes, full text of indexed items available on microfiche, etc. Use bullet format when including more than one Related Formats note. Do not use as a general “See Also” function for related subject area resources.

Technical requirements [formerly “Please Note”]

Indicate any special viewers or helpers required to view or print full text or images (e.g. TIFF viewer, special fonts, etc.) as well as the location of appropriately configured workstations, if applicable. Indicate significant or unusual operating system or browser compatibility issues (e.g. MAC Users: You must be running Mac OS X with Internet Explorer 5.2). Include information about disconnecting from the resource.

Note [new field]

Include other public notes not appropriate for inclusion in a more specific field.


Indicate general and subject keywords here. Include acronyms or other words by which this resource is known. Words found in the resource name and scope are automatically included as keywords and should not be repeated here.

Please list keywords in this format (omit all punctuation): united nations un international law laws legal


Note: The "General" categories should be assigned only to resources with broad, cross-spectrum coverage of those areas. See the MetaLib Metadata Working Group Report for more information about categories. http://hul.harvard.edu/ois/projects/metalib/metadata.html

Quickset recommendations

Resources will only be included in Quicksets if they are cross-searchable. Technical compatibility will be determined by OIS staff. Contextual compatibility will be reviewed by committee.

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