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Resource Sponsorship

Two categories of resources can be sponsored for addition to the Harvard Libraries portal: resources acquired via license or purchase, and unrestricted resources for which neither a license agreement nor payment of a fee is required. Harvard librarians wishing to sponsor electronic resources for the Harvard Libraries portal should consult the relevant procedures for guidance, then download and complete the appropriate submission form.

Acquiring Resources for the Harvard Libraries Portal
(for resources that are licensed or purchased)

Adding Unrestricted Resources to the Harvard Libraries Portal
(for resources that are unlicensed and freely available)

Completed forms should be sent via email to Kristin Stoklosa, Interim Coordinator for Electronic Resource Licensing. (We also accept forms via fax at 617-495-0491, though electronic submission is preferred). End users may suggest resources through the Harvard Libraries comment facility. Suggestions are forwarded by the Program Manager to an appropriate Harvard library for consideration. Formal acknowledgement is sent to the requestor.

Library Digital Initiative