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Adding Unrestricted Resources
to the Harvard Libraries Portal

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The following policy and procedures for adding unrestricted resources to the Harvard Libraries portal have been approved by the ULC Public Services Committee. Resources covered by this policy include unlicensed, freely-accessible web resources such as government or academic websites, free online journals and newsletters, and other resources that do not require a license agreement and are available without cost from non-profit organizations and institutions.

Libraries wishing to sponsor unrestricted resources for inclusion in the portal may do so at their own discretion. Resources must first be cataloged in HOLLIS. Factors to consider when contemplating submission for the portal include:

  • Is the resource research-related? Does it have a clear, demonstrable purpose in ongoing research and/or teaching at the University?
  • Is it produced or supported by a recognizable and reputable organization?
  • Will the resource appeal to a wide community? (Specialized resources can be included if the library feels this is warranted)
  • Is the resource "user friendly," that is, does it include such features as an easy-to-use interface and a "Help" function?
  • Does the resource require specialized technology such as a non-standard browser plug-in, special font support, or another application that requires desktop installation? If so, the procedures for vetting resources requiring specialized technologies should be followed before the resource can be added to the collection.

To submit an unrestricted resource for the portal, complete and submit the Free Resource Acquisition and Description Form, available on the Forms page. Sponsoring libraries are also responsible for the following tasks:

  • identifying an appropriate url for access to the resource;
  • verifying that the site functions properly;
  • assigning a library to serve as resource steward. The steward is responsible for monitoring the continued usefulness of the resource and keeping the Harvard Libraries portal description up to date. Stewardship responsibilities are described more fully in the Stewardship Toolbox.

Feel free to contact Kristin Stoklosa if further assistance is needed.

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