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Project update
A brief update on the GDFR project was presented at the July 19-20, 2006, NDIIPP (National Digitial Information Infrastructure Preservation Program) Partner's Meeting. [learn more...]
HUL/OCLC agreement [ July 3, 2006 ]
The Harvard University Library and OCLC have signed an agreement under which OCLC will staff and performt the technical work for the GDFR project.
Job opportunities with the GDFR projects [ January 18, 2006 ]
The GDFR project has positions open for a project manager and a systems developer. [learn more...]
[Note that both project positions have been filled (July 3, 2006)]

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HUL receives Mellon grant for GDFR [ December 13, 2005 ]
"Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Awards $600,000 to HUL for Global Digital Format Registry. The Harvard University Library (HUL) has received a grant of $600,000 from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for the development of a registry of authoritative information about digital formats." [learn more...]
"Establishing a Global Digital Format Registry" [ Summer 2005 ]
"Detailed knowledge of the internal properties of digital representation formats is necessary to interpret properly the full information content of otherwise opaque digital objects. These properties form an important component of the representation information needed by repository workflows regardless of local preservation strategy and infrastructure decisions. . . . A sustainable GDFR should prove to be of great utility to archives, libraries, digital repositories, and other organizations and individuals interested in the long-term viability of digital assets."
— Stephen L. Abrams, Library Trends 54.1 (Summer 2005)

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"Global Digital Format Registry" [ April 2004 ]
"The digital preservation community needs a sustainable registry from which it can reliably recover authoritative format representation information defined at arbitrary levels of granularity. . . . GDFR is intended to maintain persistent, unambiguous bindings between public identifiers for digital formats and representation information for those formats."
— Stephen L. Abrams and David Seaman, IS&T Archiving Conference, San Antonio, April 20-23, 2004
"Global Digital Format Registry (GDFR)" [ March 2004 ]
[learn more...]
— Stephen L. Abrams, DSpace User Group Meeting, MIT, March 10-11, 2004
FRED [ March 23, 2004 ]
"FRED (Format REgistry Demonstration) is an experimental system that demonstrates a simple digital format registry service. Folks who are interested in creating a global digital format registry can use FRED to see what information is useful to put in such a registry, contribute and maintain sample information, and try out some ideas for viewing and managing this information. The information model is based on models discussed in meetings of the Global Digital Format Registry group that is sponsored by the Digital Library Federationn." [ learn more... ]

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Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) session [ November 18, 2003 ]
Digital Libary Federation (DLF) Fall Forum, Albuquerque
"Towards a Global Format Registry" [ August 2003 ]
"The concept of format permeates all technical areas of digital repository architecture and operation. Proper interpretation of otherwise opaque content streams is dependent upon knowledge of how typed content is represented. The international digital library and archival communities have expressed their need for a sustainable, global registry of digital representation formats for the purpose of fulfilling their mission." [ learn more... ]
— Stephen L. Abrams and David Seaman, World Library and Information Congress: 69th IFLA GeneralConference and Council, Berlin, August 1-9, 2003
"A Registry for Digital Format Representation Information" [ May 2003 ]
learn more... ]
&mdash Stephen L. Abrams and Mackenzie Smith, DLF Spring Forum, New York, May 14-16, 2003
"Global Digital Format Registry" [ May 2003 ]
learn more... ]
— Stephen L. Abrams, Ready to Wear: Metadata Standards to Suit Your Project, An RLG-CIMI Forum, New York, May 12-13, 2003
Workshop [ March 25-26, 2003 ]
Digital Library Federation (DLF)-sponsored invitational workshop, Cosmos Club, Washington, DC [ learn more... ]
Workshop [ January 24, 2003 ]
Digital Library Federation (DLF)-sponsored invitational workshop, University of Pennsylvania

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