Handbook for Librarians & Professional and Administrative Staff in the Harvard University Library


This handbook for professional staff provides information on the organization and administration of the Harvard University Library, its policies and practices, the rights and responsibilities of professional staff, and University benefits and services. I hope that it serves as a useful source of information. A more complete description of University personnel policies, procedures, and services is found in the Harvard University Personnel Manual, which covers all non-teaching officers of the University.

The Harvard University Library is a decentralized system in which practices may differ from unit to unit, and, therefore, parts of this handbook are necessarily general. Librarians should inquire about specific applications of policies within their specific libraries and schools.

This online edition of the Handbook has been updated by members of the Committee on Rights and Responsibilities of Librarians (chaired in 1997/98 by Lawrence Marcus of Lamont Library) with the advice of the University Personnel Librarian and in consultation with several of the chief librarians of the various faculties.

This Handbook does not constitute a contract of employment; however, it is intended to provide information about the Library, its history, and its work environment.

June 1998

Sidney Verba
Carl H. Pforzheimer University Professor and Director of the University Library

Last modified on Thursday, April 18, 2002.