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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the audience for this web site?
The Harvard Depository site has been designed primarily to meet the informational and service needs of the Harvard University Library community and HD storage clients.  For questions concerning the transfer of University records material to the Depository, please contact the Records Management Services in the University Archives.

Who can use the Harvard Depository for storage?
Access has been restricted to computers that are part of the Harvard University network.
If your computer is part of the University network and you are being denied access, please contact the HD Service Representative (T. 508-481-3224x15). Clients from outside Harvard must use a password for access, provdided by the HD Service Representative (T. 508-481-3224x15).

Who can use the Depository for retrievals?
Anyone with a valid Harvard ID may use Harvard University’s HOLLIS catalog to request the retrieval of most library materials stored at the Depository.

How do I retrieve library materials from the Depository?
Most library items are available for retrieval through Harvard University’s HOLLIS catalog. Some library materials stored at the Depository are not available through HOLLIS and these items may only be retrieved by authorized library staff using the Depository’s online Media Retrieval Request Form.

How quickly are retrievals delivered to campus?
HD couriers deliver retrievals on a regular weekday basis (Monday through Friday, holidays not included) and most deliveries occur before noon.  HOLLIS requests received before 6:45 a.m. will typically be delivered to campus by noon the same day. Retrieval orders not sent through HOLLIS must be received by 5:00 PM in order to ensure next business day delivery.

Where will the Depository deliver my retrieval items?
Library items requested through HOLLIS will be delivered to the library pickup location you selected when entering the electronic request.

How do I retrieve University records material from the Depository?
Records retrieval requests are handled through the Records Management Services in the University Archives.

Is the Depository open to the general public?
The Depository is a closed-stacks storage facility and is not open to visitors.

Where should I look for more detailed information on HD operating procedures?
The HD User Guide provides in-depth information for library users of the Depository.

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