Miss Anna Fox and Miss Florence Fox with girls Cagayan, Philippine Islands 1924

Miss Anna Fox and Miss Florence Fox with girls Cagayan, Philippine Islands 1924. Photograph from a collection at Houghton Library (ABC 78.1.15)

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Careful selection of materials and good inventory control contribute to accurate budgets, sound work plans and thorough quality control

Collection Inventory
Special Collections Materials Survey Instrument (Columbia University Libraries)
Existing Digital and AnalogFormats – Consider these categories when creating your inventory
Analog Text
Bound and/or Unbound
Digital Text
Structured Delivery (Page Turned Objects)
Full Text
Page Images
Unstructured Delivery (Single Objects)
Analog Images
Bound and/or Unbound
Posters and Broadsides
Digital Images
Structured Delivery—(Page Turned Objects)
Unstructured Delivery (Single Objects)
Analog Audio
Vinyl Recordings
Aluminum Records
Digital Audio
Structured Objects (multiple files)
Unstructured Objects (single file)
Geospatial Data
Need to Acquire
Review and Selection
Selection Criteria for Digitizing Library Collections (Library Preservation at Harvard)
Preservation and Selection for Digitization (Northeast Document Conservation Center)
Decision Tree for Selection of Digital Materials for Long-term Retention (Digital Preservation Coalition)
Selection Procedures (Technical Advisory Service for Images - TASI)
Intellectual Property Review
Library of Congress Copyright Website (US Copyright Office)
Stanford University Copyright Renewal Database (Stanford University)
Copyright Information Center (Cornell University)
Copyright Issues Relevant to the Creation of a Digital Archive (Council on Library and Information Resources and Library of Congress)
Digital Preservation Management Tutorial: Legal Issues (Cornell University)
Copyright Issues Relevant to Digital Preservation and Dissemination of Pre-1972 Commercial Sound Recordings by Libraries and Archives (Council on Library and Information Resources)
Copyright and Fair Use: A Guide for the Harvard Community (restricted to the Harvard Community)
Access and Use Restrictions
Physical Description and Condition
Conservation Review
Preservation and Archives Professionals web site (National Archives and Records Administration)
HUL Conservation Services (Library Preservation at Harvard)
HUL Collections Care (Library Preservation at Harvard)