Evaluate local, central and vendor solutions for digitizing needs and create production specifications.

Digitizing Guidelines
Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Archival Materials for Electronic Access - Raster Images (US National Archives and Records Administration)
Imaging Production Guidelines (New York State Archives - 2006)
Western States Digital Imaging Best Practices (Western States Digital Standards Group, Digital Imaging Working Group - 2003)
Moving Theory into Practice: Digital Imaging Tutorial (Cornell University Library)
NEDCC Digital Technology Made Simpler (Northeast Document Conservation Center)
Guidance for Digitizing Text (Library Preservation at Harvard)
Selected Guidelines to Digitizing Text Collections (Library Preservation at Harvard)
Preservation Microfilming and Hybrid Approaches to Reformatting Text (Library Preservation at Harvard)
Text Digitization of Library Materials: OCR A Brief Bibliography (Library Preservation at Harvard)
Guidance for Digitizing Images (Library Preservation at Harvard)
Selected Guidelines to Digitizing Image Collections (Library Preservation at Harvard)
California Digital Library Guidelines for Digital Images (California Digital Library)
Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines (UPDIG)
Scanning Negative Collections at the Library of Congress (National Archives Preservation Conference 2007)
Scanning 35mm Slides: Guideline to Produce Digital Masters (Harvard University Library)
Guidance for Digitizing Audio (Library Preservation at Harvard)
Audio Preservation bibliography (PARS Recording and Photographic Media Committee of the American Library Association)
Capturing Analog Sound for Digital Preservation (Council on Library and Information Resources)
Audio Tape Digitization Workflow: Digitization workflow for analogue open reel tapes (Training for Audiovisual Preservation in Europe- TAPE)
TAPE - Training for Audiovisual Preservation in Europe
Sound Directions: Digital Preservation and Access for Global Audio Heritage (Indiana University/ Harvard University)
Sound Directions: Best Practices for Audio Preservation (Indiana University / Harvard University, 2007)
Audio Procedures and Workflow for the UWDCC (University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center, 2004)
Video Preservation Website: Migration of Historic Video Tape to Digital Video Files -- a clearinghouse of information on videotape preservation (National Center for Preservation Technology and Training)
Digitizing Services
Vendor Relations
NEDCC Outsourcing and Vendor Relations (Northeast Document Conservation Center)
Harvard University Services
Harvard College Library's Imaging Services Collections Reformatting Services for Harvard Libraries (Library Preservation at Harvard)
Audio Services Loeb Music Library Audio Preservation Studio (Harvard College Library)
Instructional Media Services Media Production Center (Faculty of Arts and Sciences)
Instructional Media Services Media Production Center (Faculty of Arts and Sciences)