Flower ceremony

Flower ceremony. Image from a collection at Harvard Fine Arts Library, Special Collections (VSCO 086 00203, VIA ID: olvwork370100)

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LDI Annual Reports

Beginning with the 2003-2004 fiscal year, reports of LDI activities are included in the Harvard University Library Annual Report.

Harvard University Library Annual Report: 2004-2005

Harvard University Library Annual Report: 2003-2004

Review of Year Five: 2002-2003
Supplement to Year 5: System Statistics

Review of Year Four: 2001-2002

Review of Year Three: 2000-2001

Review of Year Two: 1999-2000

Review of Year One: 1998-1999

Digital Library Federation (DLF) reports

As a member institution, Harvard submits reports on LDI digital library activities to the DLF. Links will be provided here as these reports are published in the DLF Newsletter.

DLF Newsletter. Volume 5 Number 1, Fall 2004.

DLF Newsletter. Volume 4 Number 1, Fall 2003.

DLF Newsletter. Volume 3 Number 1, January 2002.

DLF Newsletter. Volume 2 Number 1, January 2001.

DLF Newsletter. Volume 1 Number 1, July 2000.