Aleph Update: Connexion 2.0 available

This message will be of interest to cataloging and acquisitions staff.

Libraries wishing to upgrade may now install the new version of OCLC's cataloging client, Connexion 2.0. A full list of features offered in Connexion 2.0 is available at Libraries are not required to upgrade to Connexion 2.0.  OCLC will not discontinue version 1.7 until a future release of Connexion is available.

Library staff making the transition from RLIN21 to Connexion should plan to complete the process by the RLIN21 retirement date of August 31, 2007.

Connexion 2.0 accommodates RLG Union Catalog records and cataloging practices by making RLG "cluster" records, now called Institution Records (IR) available in WorldCat. Institution Records are linked to OCLC Master Records and provide additional copies of the WorldCat record, as cataloged by individual institutions, retaining each libraries local data and notes. Connexion 2.0 makes Master Records and Institution Records available to all users. RLIN21 users migrating to Connexion 2.0 may prefer the cataloging in Institution Records; existing Connexion users may continue to prefer cataloging in the OCLC Master Record. 

All users should be aware of changes to OCLC's MARC bibliographic format coding and practice for Institution Records. An OCLC tutorial on Institution Records is available at

Institution Records currently accessible in WorldCat are the bibliographic "cluster" records migrated from the RLG Union Catalog. During the next phase of the RLG transition, OCLC will begin loading Institution Records for libraries that are sending records from their local systems which includes all Harvard libraries. Institution Records for Harvard will begin appearing in WorldCat as the OCLC Reclamation project progresses. Harvard's Institution Records will be added, updated and deleted automatically by batch processes. More information on the RLG integration and WorldCat is available in OCLC Tech Bulletin 254.

Z39.50 access to Institution Records will require configuration of OCLCInstitutionRecords as a new target. Z39.50 searching of OCLCInstitutionRecords is limited to OCLC number and holding library. OIS is investigating Z39.50 access to Institution Records, and will notify libraries when it is available.

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions.


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