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System Updates

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Systems Overview

This section provides information about the systems that LTS supports. To learn more about a current system, select a system from the menu on the left. To learn more about future systems (in the planning or development stages), consult System Development Priorities.

A bird's-eye view of LTS systems

The LTS mission is to develop systems that provide integrated and coherent access to research materials -- but access is only one part of a set of core infrastructure service areas. LTS-supported systems can be grouped into three infrastructure areas:

Discovery Storage &
Access Management
Aleph/HOLLIS Classic
Borrow Direct
Collection Tools (TED/VC)
EResource systems
Harvard Geospatial Library
Harvard Library Portal
Manuscripts & Archives Tools
Reserves List
VIA & Shared Shelf
Web Archiving (WAX)
Digital Repository Service
Name Resolution Service
Access Management Service
Electronic Archiving System (EAS)
Asynchronous Delivery
Image Delivery
Page Delivery
Streaming Delivery

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