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Overview: DRS & Delivery Systems

The Digital Repository Service (DRS) provides to Harvard affiliated owners a set of professionally managed services to ensure the usability of securely stored digital objects over time.

The DRS is both a preservation and an access repository.  Its obligations include assurances that stored digital content will remain both viable and accessible into the indefinite future despite a constantly changing technological environment.  All objects managed in the DRS will receive the highest level of preservation service consistent with the object’s characteristics and the current technical capabilities of the DRS and its staff.

The DRS is part of a suite of independent but cooperating services operated by HL that provide a comprehensive infrastructure for storage and delivery of digital content. To learn more about this suite of services, consult the OIS Systems page.

Note that the DRS is not intended to function as a record management system or an institutional repository (i.e., it is not designed to capture all of the research output of the university).

Consult the DRS Policy Guide for information about operation and use of the Digital Repository.

For fees and billing information consult the LTS Library Systems Fees & Assessments.