New DRS Project Updates

Development of new DRS system functionality is largely complete and now in production. A metadata migration is the final step in the move to the new DRS. Visit this page for information about the status of the migration and how it will affect you as a DRS user. The DRS2 project team will provide regular updates on the status of the migration via email messages to current DRS users and announcements on HLCOMMS.

If you have any questions or comments about migration to the new DRS, please contact the DRS Migration Team.

Migration timeline
New functionality
Additional information

Migration timeline

The major steps of the migration process are outlined below.

Completed: 2013 February New hardware in production
  2013 June DRS content migrated to new hardware
  2013 June DRS Advisory Group convened (ongoing)
  2013 September New DRS software in production
  2013 December First object deposited to the new DRS
  2014 January First migration dry runs (text and PDFs)
In progress: 2013 December-2014 February Migration planning and implementation meetings
  2014 January 27-March 10 Descriptive metadata working group meetings
Upcoming: Tier 1 migration Text methodologies, ESRI world files, color profiles, target images and PDFs
  *Tier 2 migration PDS documents and images
  All users depositing to the new DRS  
  Tier 3 migration Audio and playlists
  Tier 4 migration Web harvests and opaque containers
  Tier 5 migration Biomedical images and Google books

* A DRS project team member will contact a representative from each repository having DRS content prior to that repository's Tier 2 migration to outline any necessary preparatory steps.

New functionality

The bulk of new DRS functionality is available now in production or soon will be. A list of functional highlights appears below. See the DRS2 Enhancements page for a more detailed list.

  • Improved search: Retrieve deposited content using powerful and advanced searching on more than 200 metadata fields.
  • Improved metadata editing: import descriptive metadata; add rights metadata; organize content with administrative categories.
  • Integration with Wordshack - a new central vocabulary registry.
  • Drag-and-drop structure editor for page-turned objects.
  • Custom image captions: Add default or custom captions on a per-object basis.
  • More formats: opaque objects; streaming delivery or download of MP3, MP4 audio files and new web-based audio player.
  • Bulk processing: bulk download, deletion, and recovery of objects and files.

Additional information

Upcoming meetings will be announced on HLCOMMS and will include an open meeting on the migration in February, a brown-bag luncheon on the technical challenges of migration in March and an introduction to digital preservation and the DRS (this summer). Once they are announced, they will also appear in the "News" section of this web site.

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