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PRESTO Library Tools

PRESTO is a set of LTS services dedicated to improving programmatic access to central library systems and data. If your library has ideas for extending central services, please let the know.

Data Lookup Web Service
Generic Aleph Export


Widgets are portable bits of code that can be used to enhance a web site with library system funcationality. These widgets are currently available:

  • E-Research cross-search form is a configurable search form that you can embed on a web page. Customize this form to search any of the 200+ eresources offered by E-Research that can be searched together. To create a cross-search form, use our widget generator to select eresources, modify form labels, test the form and generate the HTML. Then just copy the markup and paste into a web page.

    This service works best on version 7 or higher of Internet Explorer or current versions of Firefox or Safari. Javascript must be enabled.

    Go to the E-Research search form generator.

  • iSites Library Search is an isites tool that provides one-stop searching for academic and scholarly information at Harvard and beyond. The Library Search tool allows the site owner to choose which library search tabs to offer (E-Resources, HOLLIS, HOLLIS Classic, Google Books, Google Scholar). And like the stand-alone E-Research form (first bullet above), the E-Resouces search tab can be customized to include any of the 200+ eresources offered by E-Research that can be searched together.

    The Library Search tool is available on both course and standard iSites. Select the Library Search topic box from the tool list in Site Admin or DesignView. For more information, see the Library Search information sheet.

Data Lookup Web Service

The PRESTO Data Lookup service provides a RESTful web API that can return specific types of library data in response to a URL request. Data Lookup options currently include:

Generic Aleph Export

Generic Aleph Export is a service that can export a batch of bibliographic records from Aleph. The program runs on a daily basis, using an input file of Aleph system numbers provided by staff. Staff place the file into an LTS FTP account, and the following day a MARC/MARCXML file is available for pick-up. The service may be configured to include holdings data in addition to bibliographic information.

For additional details, see the Generic Aleph Export document in the Aleph Documentation Center.

Access to this service is restricted to Harvard library staff. To request this service, please send a message to the Aleph Support Center and include a description of your plans for using the data.