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HUL publications serve a variety of internal as well as external purposes. They may serve to knit together a diverse library community of over 1,200 individuals or to interpret the work of the Harvard libraries for faculty, staff, alumni/ae, and donors.

Annual Reports

including reports from Harvard College Library and the graduate and professional school libraries of Harvard University

Harvard Libraries

perspectives on the Harvard Libraries published annually for donors and friends

Harvard University Library Directory  Harvard Access Only

a directory of administrative and professional staff of Harvard (and affiliated) libraries
temporarily unavailable: search the Harvard-wide staff directory at http://www.directory.harvard.edu

Harvard University Library Letters

a semiannual newsletter for alumni/ae and friends

Harvard University Library Notes

a newsletter for the Harvard library community, published from 1968 through 2010

The Harvard Library Online

a brief user's guide

An Overview of Digital Preservation in 2010–2011

Harvard's library system operates one of the nation's most comprehensive programs for long-term preservation of digital content (PDF)

The Research Library in the Digital Age

a white paper by Robert Darnton (PDF)

Weissman Preservation Center: Services and Accomplishments in 2010–2011

The Weissman Preservation Center specializes in the care and treatment of the rarest of Harvard's library materials (PDF)

For more information, please contact:

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(t) 617.495.3650
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(e) administration@hulmail.harvard.edu


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HUL Map Guides

Harvard University Library Map Guides

Published annually by the HUL Office of the Director, the Map Guide is made available free of charge for distribution through the University's libraries. For more information, contact administration@