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Administration & Programs


Barbara Graham, Associate Director of the University Library for Administration and Programs


The Office for Administration and Programs is responsible for key initiatives in the University’s Library System. HUL Administration and Programs

  • directs HUL departments and programs, including sponsored and capital projects;
  • collaborates extensively throughout the University and beyond to develop and provide essential services and support;
  • collects and maintains financial and operational data on the University’s libraries;
  • produces publications that knit the system together;
  • acts as the nexus for information about library security;
  • helps set system-wide standards;
  • coordinates development efforts; and
  • works to determine the strategic course of Harvard’s library system.

HUL Administration and Programs also facilitates the work of the dozens of committees that coordinate essential library functions across the University. In recent years, the office has undertaken important new efforts in relation to University-wide human-resource issues that affect information professionals.

Five strategic programs—the Harvard Depository, the Harvard–Google Project, the Harvard University Archives (which includes Records Management), the Open Collections Program, and the Weissman Preservation Center—are within the purview of HUL Administration and Programs.