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Systems & Planning: Office for Information Systems


Dale P. Flecker, Associate Director of the University Library for Systems and Planning


The Harvard University Library (HUL) is one of the five largest research libraries in the world, and it is committed to maintaining its excellence in the digital era. HUL’s Office for Information Systems (OIS) develops, implements, and maintains innovative and stable systems and services that support the academic and research mission of the University by providing integrated and coherent access to research materials and resources.

To achieve its mission, OIS collaborates with a wide variety of staff and committees across Harvard, including librarians, curators, and instructional technology staff, on innovative projects and strategic initiatives that aim to integrate technology services, digital catalogs, and content into the fabric of the University.

By participating in strategic partnerships with colleagues and organizations nationally and internationally, OIS promotes the development of models, standards, and infrastructure to support research, teaching, and scholarly communication in the digital information age.