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Statistics and Appendices

Overseers' Committee to Visit the University Library


Frances D. Fergusson AM ’66, PhD ’73, chair

K. Anthony Appiah, AM ’91

Terrie Fried Bloom ’75, MBA ’81

Mark F. Bregman ’78

Alan Brinkley AM ’75, PhD ’79

Samuel C. Butler ’51, LLB ’54

Reginald P. Carr

Margaret F. Cowett

Richard Ekman ’66, AM ’67, PhD ’72

Florence Fearrington, HRPBA ’61

Michael E. A. Gellert ’53

Lisa Wolfson Hess ’76

Jonathan H. Kagan ’78

Catharine Kiser ’83

Renee M. Landers ’77

Deanna B. Marcum

Sanjay Patel ’83, SM ’83

Gary Pforzheimer  ’84, MBA ’91

Lisbet Rausing AM ’86, PhD ’93

Joan Countryman Suit

Sarah E. Thomas 

Karin A. Trainer

William Walker

Note: members of the Visiting Committee are given as of the publication date of this report in November 2007