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Harvard College Library‚€”Report of Nancy M. Cline

Harvard College Library

Report of Nancy M. Cline, Roy E. Larsen Librarian of Harvard College


Looking across the Harvard College Library (HCL), it has been a year of growth amidst the backdrop of constrained resources. The declining value of the dollar against world currencies has made collecting more difficult. In most regions of the world, we are acquiring a smaller proportion of the publishing output, yet we continue to acquire some of the exceptional items that bring researchers to Harvard’s libraries. Like other large research libraries, we are spending larger portions of the collections budget on digital content, including online journals and e-books, and access to a broad array of databases. The skills and expertise of staff reflect numerous areas of specialization, contributing to collaborative endeavors with faculty, IT specialists, research staff, and others in support of the constantly changing academic programs across Harvard. Now more than ever, HCL is involved in projects and programs with other educational and cultural institutions, many of which have international dimensions.