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Harvard College Library‚€”Report of Nancy M. Cline

Web-Based Resources

Web-Based Resources


Library staff have been immersing themselves in the world of Web 2.0—blogs, social networking, video content creation tools, wikis, etc.—to ensure that the services and products they offer are relevant to one of their major constituencies: digitally savvy undergraduates, who are coming to Harvard with lifelong experience with the Internet.

To learn as much as possible about user needs and expectations for web-based library resources, the Library conducted focus groups over the past year to gather information directly from undergraduates and graduate students and, as a result, the HCL web site was redesigned to present information in a way that is most useful to these “digital natives.” Feedback collected from users about the site, also a tenet of the Web 2.0 philosophy, has been very positive.

Library staff employed the web to aid in the recruitment of student workers in the Widener Stacks Division. The HCL Communications Office developed an impressive online recruiting tool that featured streaming videos of eight students interviewed about their positive experience working in the stacks. The video is accessible from the employment section of the HCL web site and a link to the page is included in every Widener job posting on the Student Employment Office web site.