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Systems and Planning




Information technology holds great promise for transforming how libraries support teaching and research in higher education. The Harvard University Library, one of the greatest research libraries in the world, is actively engaged in a process to “develop a 21st-century library system” by focusing on collaborative foundations and strategic objectives that are user-centered and aligned with the research and teaching mission of the University.

The Office for Information Systems plays a key role in this process by architecting and implementing effective and  innovative systems that provide scholars and students access to the world of knowledge and to advance research, teaching and the creation of new knowledge for many decades to come. OIS collaborates with a wide variety of Harvard staff—including librarians, curators, technologists, students, faculty, and instructional technology staff—on innovative projects and strategic initiatives that aim to integrate technology services and digital catalogs and content into the fabric of the university.

Beyond Harvard, OIS participates in strategic partnerships with colleagues and organizations both nationally and internationally. Through these collaborations, Harvard contributes to the development of models, standards and infrastructure that are critical to the advancement of research, teaching and scholarly communication in the digital information age.