As the quantity of digital resources held by research libraries expands at an unprecedented rate, the challenge of ensuring the ongoing integrity and availability of these materials is paramount. A gift from John A. and Elizabeth S. Armstrong, alumni and longtime friends of Harvard, will assist the University Library to address this challenge through the establishment of an endowed fund, The John and Elizabeth Armstrong Library Fund for Managing and Preserving Digital Resources.

“Solutions to the issue of preserving digitally born media are emerging but will require diligence on the part of academic institutions if we are to continue to fulfill our custodial mission,” notes Sidney Verba, Carl H. Pforzheimer University Professor and Director of the Harvard University Library. “We are very grateful to John and Elizabeth, whose endowment will allow us—through the Library Digital Initiative—to begin to address the complex issue of long-term management of our digital resources.”

The Armstrong fund complements a fund, established last year, by Mark and Yvonne Bregman, whose gift likewise addressed the particular preservation issues raised by electronic materials.

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