Judaica Division and Weissman Preservation Center Collaborate in Isfahan Ketubah Exhibition
Now on display on the third floor of Widener Library.

Kosovo Cultural Heritage Survey and Exhibition
Fine Arts Library
Now through June 30.

TR in Cartoon: The Verdict, 1898-1900
Theodore Roosevelt Gallery, Pusey Library, now through June 30, 2000

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hen Theodore Roosevelt was governor of New York, the New York World said, “An honest and fearless governor—a combination of conscience and backbone—is a mighty good thing to have at Albany!” However, not all periodicals of the time shared this sentiment. The exhibition, “TR in Cartoon: The Verdict, 1898-1900,” on display in the Theodore Roosevelt Gallery, Pusey Library, now through June 30, 2000, features a selection of cartoons that lampoon Roosevelt’s gubernatorial career. The cartoons, by artists Horace Taylor and R.L. Bristol, were published more than 100 years ago in The Verdict, a New York periodical.

The Theodore Roosevelt Collection, housed in Houghton and Widener libraries and curated by Wallace Dailey, is a major resource for study of the life and times of the twenty-sixth President of the United States. The collection originated as a research library and opened in New York City by the Roosevelt Memorial Association (RMA) in 1923. It was presented by the RMA (known since 1956 as the Theodore Roosevelt Association) to Harvard University in 1943.

The Theodore Roosevelt Gallery is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

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