Library Web sites at Harvard are as diverse as the institutions they belong to and the communities they serve, and the Kennedy School Library Web site is no exception. Reflecting the look and feel of the School’s home page, the Library site is a well-organized and content-oriented venue for public policy research, intended to meet the needs of the KSG community by providing convenient access to resources and a wide variety of research tools.

From the KSG Library home page, clicking on the Library Services link is the best way to obtain information from and about the Library. A summary of all available services and contact names is provided. Also included is a convenient email link to the reference desk, through which patrons can send questions to KSG Library staff. Other areas of the site are devoted to particular types of users, such as Faculty, Students, and Staff, detailing the specific policies and available services. Front and center is a dropdown menu for connections to heavily used resources such as Congressional Universe, Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO), and Dow Jones Interactive.

Even though the content is targeted toward the KSG community, the Resource Guides are applicable for any kind of research. The Getting the Most from Research on the World Wide Web link leads to information that is especially useful for evaluating Web sources. Other resource guides are available on the following topics: Nonprofit Sector, Public Opinion Polls, U.S. Statistical Data, City and Local Government, Career Resources, International Statistics, Dow Jones Interactive, Countries of the World, HOLLIS Reference Guide, and a Usage Guide for the Social Science Citation Index on HOLLIS Plus. Each of the research guides follows a consistent format and is easily navigable through a hyperlinked table of contents.

The KSG Library site allows users to browse new titles and renew books online. Materials may be renewed, electronically, for up to a year. Books purchased since September 1999, are searchable by topic. Members of the local KSG community may also sign up for a monthly email notification of new acquisitions in a specific area of interest.

A special service available only to the KSG community provides page images of the tables of contents of journals to which the library subscribes, and is organized into broad subject areas. The page can be browsed either by journal title, subject category, or scanned date.

The WWW Resources link directs users to numerous Web sources for public policy research. A small sampling of these includes Nonprofits, Advocacy & Think Tanks, and News Sources Online links. Under these broad categories, links are focused on resources such as Campaign 2000, CIA World Factbook, Political Database of the Americas (from Georgetown University), and ISI Emerging Markets.

A Virtual Reference Shelf includes links to general sources such as dictionaries, thesauri, and style manuals for citing electronic sources. U.S. Government information and digital historic documents are also accessible from this page.

The Library itself is open to all members of the Harvard community and to other scholars and researchers who have information needs that can be met within the scope of the collections and services. Comments or questions about the site should be directed to Tony McMullen, Web Page Administrator (

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