Nancy M. Cline, Roy E. Larsen Librarian of Harvard College, published an article entitled “Virtual Continuity: The Challenge for Research Libraries” in the May/June 2000 edition of EDUCAUSE Review. The article is based on an illustrated speech Nancy gave at the EDUCAUSE national conference in October 1999.

Diane Garner, Librarian for the Social Sciences in HCL, led a panel discussion on “Culture Shock and Identity Crisis: Data in Libraryland” at the IASSIST conference. Thomas Parris, Environmental Resources Librarian, also participated in the panel along with librarians from Canada and the United Kingdom.

Ruth Hill, Audio-Visual Coordinator in Schlesinger Library, received a Service Award for “exemplary service and significant contributions to her community through storytelling” in Kingsport, Tennessee, July 12-14. Although not a storyteller herself, Ruth for the past nine years has been a cohost for a storytelling series with her storytelling husband, Dr. Hugh Morgan Hill, who is better known as Brother Blue.

Mary Hopkins, Library Assistant on the Spanish/Portuguese/Latin American Cataloging Team in Widener Library, attended the recent meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, in Philadelphia. Mary gave a paper titled “On the Interpretation of ‘Degenerate’ Ceramics.”

Sarah Hutcheon, a former work-study assistant in Schlesinger Library, earned an M.L.I.S. from Simmons College in December and joined the Public Service Department as a Library Assistant.

Kathryn Jacob, Curator of Manuscripts in Schlesinger Library, published an article, “Vinnie Ream,” in the August 2000 issue of Smithsonian. Ream sculpted the statue of Abraham Lincoln that stands in the U.S. Capitol, as well as the one of Admiral David Farragut, in Farragut Square in Washington, D.C.

Cheryl LaGuardia, Head of Instructional Services in HCL, received the Library Journal’s “E-Media Reviewer of the Year Award” on Sunday, July 9, in a ceremony at the American Library Association conference in Chicago. As Library Journal editor Francine Fialkoff noted in the presentation, the special award was established to recognize Cheryl for setting the standard in electronic media reviewing with her column, “Database & Disc Reviews,” published by the Journal since 1992. Also at the conference, Cheryl delivered the session “Telling the Library Story Well: Presentations as Performance” as part of the Library Advocacy Now! workshop, designed to train librarians from around the country to act as effective advocates for library issues with local, state, and national leaders and community groups. The workshop was organized by incoming ALA President Nancy Kranich and past ALA President Patricia Glass Schuman.

Martha R. Mahard, Curator of Visual Collections in the Fine Arts Library, authored a chapter entitled “Educational Programs” in the book Guidelines for the Visual Resources Profession, published jointly by ARLIS and the Visual Resources Association, and edited by Kimm Kopatz. In addition, Martha recently attended the Visual Resources Association’s annual conference in San Francisco, where she gave a paper entitled “On the Road to VIA: Visual Information Access at Harvard.”

Heather McMullen, Social Sciences Data Librarian in HCL, presented a workshop on “Meeting the Needs of Economic and Financial Data Users” at the annual conference of the International Association for Social Science Information Service and Technology (IASSIST) in Chicago on June 9, 2000. She also presented a paper at the GODORT Program of the Annual ALA Conference in Chicago on “IGO Data and Data Archives: Issues and Trends” on July 10, 2000. McMullen is chair of the Business Reference in Academic Libraries Committee of BRASS.

Leslie A. Morris, Curator of Manuscripts in HCL, delivered the Seventh Annual Simon Fraser University Friends of the Library Lecture, in Vancouver, British Columbia, on May 27, 2000. A crowd of approximately 80 Vancouverites heard Leslie speak on “Tales Tall and True of Bookselling in the Early 20th Century: The Career of Legendary Bookseller A.S.W. Rosenbach.”

Michael P. Olson, Librarian for Germanic Collections in Widener Library, published an article, “Fundraising ab 2000: Erfolgreiche Strategien amerikanischer Universitätsbibliotheken,” in the book Fundraising für Bibliotheken (Berlin: Freie Universität, 2000). The article is a revision of a paper read at the 1999 Frankfurt Book Fair.

Andras Riedlmayer, Bibliographer for Islamic Art and Architecture in the Fine Arts Library, was interviewed for an article in the July-August issue of the London-based Art Newspaper, which reported on Andras’s exhibition “Burned Books and Blasted Shrines: Cultural Heritage Under Fire in Kosovo.” The exhibition was on display in the Fine Arts Library until the middle of August. In addition, Andras was interviewed on June 21 for the radio documentary series “Return to Kosovo,” produced by the Boston public radio station WBUR 90.9FM.

Kathleen Hunter Rutter, Team Leader of the French/Italian/Romanian section of the Cataloging Services Department in Widener Library, has been appointed incoming chair of the ACRL/Western European Studies Section’s Research and Planning Committee by the American Library Association. She will also be a member of the ACRL International Relations Committee. Kathleen has just completed a term as Secretary of WESS and WESS 2000 Program Committee member. The program, held on July 10, was entitled “Italian Studies and Italian Cultural Presence in North America: A Tribute to the Life and Contributions of Mario Casalini.”

Bruce Trumble, Team Leader of the German/Scandinavian Cataloging Team and Chief Subject Cataloger in Widener Library, was a member of the ALA Subject Analysis Committee Task Force on Library of Congress Subject Headings Revision Relating to the ALA Poor People’s Policy. The task force’s report, evaluating subject-heading practice in this area, was approved by the Council of ALA and submitted to the Library of Congress. Beacher Wiggins, Director for Cataloging at the Library of Congress, reported that on the basis of the report 14 new headings are being added to Library of Congress Subject Headings, and the reference structure of some existing headings is being revised.

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