When he left Harvard on July 21, 2000, David Muir looked back on his 27 years here with great fondness. “This place,” he said, “has been home during a lot of turning points in my life.”

Muir, former Assistant Director of Facilities Security, left Harvard to take a position at the Trivium School, in Lancaster, Massachusetts, to teach English literature and Latin. Looking at the path his career has taken so far, this latest move doesn’t seem too unusual.

In 1967 Muir earned his undergraduate degree in English from Harvard and went on to the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, where he graduated with a Master of Divinity. Following two years spent as a clergyman in Rochester, New York, he returned to Harvard to take a security staff position. “I was just marking time,” he said, “because I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do.”

Before he knew it, Muir was made Security Supervisor, first of the day shift, and later of both day and night shifts for Widener and Lamont libraries. Most recently, as Assistant Director of Facilities Security, he was directly responsible for security in Widener, Lamont, and Pusey libraries, had a hand in the security of other Harvard libraries, and was responsible for the training of security staff throughout HCL.

Muir has been involved with the Trivium School for many years. His daughter Heather, who died four years ago, was a student there, and Muir knows, with absolute certainty, that teaching there is the right thing for him to do. And while he looks forward to the new challenge, he remembers just what it was about HCL that made it his home for so many years. “After my daughter’s death,” Muir said, “people here at Harvard opened up to me, to my family, and to each other. I don’t think they knew that they were capable of this kind of love. They didn’t realize what a great bunch of people they are. My wife Debby and I will always be grateful for their love and support.”

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