On Friday November 3rd, Simon Tanner and Joanne Lomax Smith both of the Higher Education Digitization Service in the UK will share their experiences with digitization projects with the Harvard library community, under the auspices of the LDI Speaker Series.

A Presentation in Two Parts

HEDS–an overview of projects and processes. Since it was established in 1996, HEDS has carried out many projects with many clients, from both the higher education and the public sector. Joanne Lomax Smith will report on a number of key HEDS projects, will provide an overview of the HEDS business model and will describe how project management is successfully implemented. HEDS has a central pragmatic role within national and European digitization initiatives which will be described; the strategic focus for future service development will also be discussed. This paper will thus provide a useful overview of digitization activity in the UK and Europe.

HEDS–lessons learned from over 50 projects. HEDS have worked with clients from all areas of education, archives, museums, libraries and Government bodies in both the UK and Europe spanning over 50 projects. What have HEDS learned from these experiences? In this paper, Simon Tanner will describe the background reasons for the current HEDS business model, some of the project management do’s and don’ts that HEDS have learnt the hard way and the critical issues HEDS have discovered in pricing digitization projects.

Simon Tanner Senior Consultant, HEDS. Simon has a Library and Information Science background. He has previously worked for IBM, been Head of Library Services at Rolls-Royce and Associates Ltd and developed systems at the Pilkington Library, Loughborough University as Systems Manager before joining HEDS in March 1997.

Projects on which Simon has been lead consultant include the work to develop the Oxford University Digital Library, advice to The British Library, the JISC Image Digitisation Initiative (JIDI) feasibility study and advice to the Shetland Museum upon digitising their photographic collection. Simon is particularly skilled in document management and digital library solutions. He is also an Expert Evaluator for the EU Framework V program and has just began work on METAe– the Metadata Engine project, funded by the European Union.

Joanne Lomax Smith Digitisation Consultant, HEDS Joanne has a background in English Literature, with an emphasis on medieval theatre and iconography. She has previously worked at The British Library on various digital initiatives, including Electronic Beowulf. After a period working at University College London as part of the Electronic Library Development team, Joanne joined the consultancy team at the Higher Education Digitization Service in 1998.

Joanne been the lead consultant on projects including advice to the Norfolk Library and Information Service on developing their digital collections, digitization for the International Union of Crystallography, developing textual resources for The Natural History Museum and the digitization of local history resources for the London Borough of Brent. She is currently involved in providing advice to projects bidding for funds from the UK government’s £50 million New Opportunities Fund.

Joanne has expertise in the digitization and conversion of all types of media to electronic formats and has a particular interest in the conversion of historical documents and teaching materials.

LDI Speaker Series:
HEDS - the Higher Education Digitization Service
Friday, November 3rd
Lamont Forum Room
3:30 - 5pm.

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