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LDI's New Web Site

The Library Digital Initiative (LDI) web site has a new look. Reorganized to accommodate the growth of the program and to improve navigation for users, the site has fresh graphics and several new features. The URL remains the same:

The home page has been redesigned specifically to orient visitors and to ease navigation. The addition of a global navigation bar delivers new features from each page including a site map, search functions, staff contacts, and job listings. A new "highlights" section on the home page provides quick information updates for frequent users and calls attention to coming events and grant program deadlines. The LDI site is organized into four main categories:

  • About LDI
  • Technical Development
  • Advisory Services
  • Grant Program

"About LDI" collects all background and general information, including news and events, in one section. It presents a program overview, which includes the text of the original proposal to the University for LDI, and lists the oversight committees. An "LDI in the News" page organizes links to various articles about LDI that have been featured in Library Notes and the Gazette. The "LDI Events" page announces coming events and documents recent happenings. Links are provided whenever presentations are available in an online format.

"Technical Development" introduces LDI's core technical infrastructure including systems and services for management, storage, and access and delivery of digital objects. The "Related Projects" page gathers information about collaborative projects, investigations, research, and technical experiments.

Through "Advisory Services," LDI provides assistance to libraries, archives, museums, and research projects. The site has pages for each of the areas of expertise and for the advisors in digital acquisitions, metadata, and reformatting. Information about intellectual property and copyright is also found here.

The LDI "Grant Program" pages provide information about funding for projects within the University. These pages provide current information about applying to the program, including the process of review. Summaries of funded projects are also included.

Visit the new LDI site at

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Last modified on Thursday, April 18, 2002.