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Baker Library @ North Harvard:
Baker Library Old Class Collection Changes Location

Though the renovation of Baker Library at the Harvard Business School has not yet begun, the Baker staff is already making major preparations for it. In one of the first major preparatory steps, the Baker Old Class Collection has been moved to newly acquired space at 145 North Harvard Street. This new, satellite location near the Harvard Stadium is known as "Baker Library @ North Harvard." It is also the new home for Baker's Technical Services Department.

The Baker Old Class Collection—comprising materials purchased before 1971—brings together all books, periodicals, and pamphlets of specific industries. This move provides secure space for staff and collections, and continued access for faculty and researchers. Baker staff members will retrieve materials from Baker Library @ North Harvard and bring them to the Library itself for charging or for use. Materials requested by 10:00 am should be available by 2:00 pm the following business day.

By appointment only, HBS and Harvard University faculty, research staff, and doctoral students are permitted to browse the Baker Old Class Collection at Baker Library @ North Harvard. Appointments for research visits can be scheduled Monday through Friday, 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm.

All requests and appointments can be made:

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Last modified on Thursday, April 18, 2002.