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Unheard Voices: Baker's New Women's History Web Site

Baker Library at the Harvard Business School is identifying the records on women's history in its business manuscript collections. The result is a new web site, called "Unheard Voices: American Women in the Emerging Industrial and Business Age," at

The Baker survey, which so far has concentrated on the 18th and 19th centuries, has identified a wealth of women's history records in over 200 of Baker Library's collections. According to the organizers, a "surprising" number of women's letters and diaries have appeared among the business records.

The new web site offers access to these findings-which will grow as the survey of the 20th-century manuscript collections begins. Baker plans to publish a guide to women's business and economic history in the manuscript collections, and it will present an exhibit featuring material discovered during the survey. For more information, contact Clara Bouricius at 6-6822 or

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Last modified on Thursday, April 18, 2002.