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Update on Baker Library's Women in Business Project

On September 28, Baker Library's Historical Collections hosted the joint fall meeting of the ACRL/NEC Women's Studies Interest Group and Business Librarians' Interest Group. Baker staff members presented a program entitled, "From Unheard Voices to Women, Enterprise, and Society: Putting a Guide to Women's History Materials on the Web."

The program introduced participants to the wealth of women's history that is being discovered in the business manuscript collections of Baker Library. Project manager Clara Bouricius and other staff members spoke about the ongoing survey to locate records that document women's lives. They also discussed the challenges involved in putting the Women in Business project up on the web. Following the program, there was a tour of Baker Library. Over sixty people attended the event.

The web site, Unheard Voices,, provides access to a broad array of information about 18th- and 19th-century women. Early in 2002, an expanded version of the site, entitled Women, Enterprise, and Society, will go online with an indexed guide to women's history materials in the manuscript collections at Baker.

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Last modified on Thursday, April 18, 2002.