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Staff Activities

Laura Farwell Blake, Mary Beth Clack, Michael Hemment, Caroline M. Kent, and Carrie Macfarlane—all of Widener Library Research Services—participated in Columbia University's second annual invitational symposium on library reference and research instruction, "Reference Service in the 21st Century: Second Columbia University Libraries Symposium." Participants came from Columbia, Yale, Princeton, Brown, MIT, the University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, and other institutions. Librarians and faculty discussed their roles in teaching students to conduct research, measuring and assessing reference and instructional services, and developing innovative programs to meet the needs of interdisciplinary research and coursework.

In April, Margaret Howe-Soper, public services manager in the Business Information Services Center at Baker Library, spoke at the Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science on the benefits of being active in a professional organization—particularly in the Boston Chapter of the Special Library Association (SLA). She also attended SLA Boston Chapter programs at Assumption College in Worcester (on taxonomies for business, publishing, and commerce) and in Manchester, New Hampshire (on E-books).

Nancy Schrock, chief collections conservator for Harvard College Library, recently participated in a panel on enduring value during "Who Wants Yesterday's Papers? A Symposium on the Research Value of Printed Materials in the Digital Age," held at the University of Maryland.

The 11th edition of the reference work Magazines for Libraries (MFL) contains 30 chapters authored by Harvard librarians. The book, edited by HCL's Cheryl LaGuardia, is a selective, annotated bibliography of more than 6,950 journals chosen by experts in their fields, and consists of 157 chapters on subjects ranging from accounting and taxation, to art, chemistry, classical studies, computer science, education, family and marriage, literature, mathematics, music, population studies, and 'zines.

First published by R. R. Bowker and Bill Katz in 1969, the book selects and reviews magazines and periodicals for elementary and secondary school, public, academic, or special libraries. The MFL serves as a standard collection management tool for librarians around the world who use the reference work to decide if a particular title is right for their library. Librarians also use the book to instruct users in thinking critically about sources and to assist users in finding the best serial for a specific interest.

"The excellence of the Harvard Library collections is due to the superb librarians selecting, acquiring, and interpreting the wealth of research material. So when Bill Katz asked me to succeed him as general editor of the MFL, I drew upon one of the richest resources the University—and the world—has for research and information: my colleagues in the Harvard College Library and Harvard University Library," said Cheryl LaGuardia, head of instructional services for the College Library, who asked the Harvard Library staff involved in the project to contribute.

The following Harvard librarians contributed chapters to the 11th edition of MFL:

  • Mary Frances Angelini, Grossman Library, Harvard Extension School
  • Joe Bourneuf, Widener Library, HCL
  • Fred Burchsted, Widener Library, HCL
  • Barbara Burg, Widener Library, HCL
  • Mary Beth Clack, Widener Library, HCL
  • Linda Collins, Lamont Library, HCL
  • Enrique Diaz, Widener Library, HCL
  • Gladys Dratch, Gutman Library, Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE)
  • Carol J. Elsen, Baker Library, Harvard Business School (HBS)
  • Barbara Esty, Baker Library, HBS
  • Laura Farwell Blake, Widener Library, HCL
  • Deborah Garson, Gutman Library, HGSE
  • Susan M. Gilroy, Lamont Library, HCL
  • Barbara Halporn, Widener Library, HCL
  • Rachel Howarth, Houghton Library, HCL
  • Deborah Kelley-Milburn, Widener Library, HCL
  • Caroline M. Kent, Widener Library, HCL
  • Jeff Kosokoff, Lamont Library, HCL
  • Cheryl LaGuardia, Widener Library, HCL
  • Carrie M. Macfarlane, Widener Library, HCL
  • Pamela Matz, Widener Library, HCL
  • Constance A. Mayer, Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library, HCL
  • Elizabeth McKeigue, Widener Library, HCL
  • Barbara A. Mitchell, Loeb Library, Harvard Design School
  • Thomas Schneiter, Harvard Depository, Harvard University Library
  • Andrea Schulman, Baker Library, HBS
  • Mallory Stark, Baker Library, HBS
  • Jan Voogd, Social Sciences Program, HCL
  • Melanie Wisner, Houghton Library, HCL
  • Suzanne Wones, John F. Kennedy School of Government Library

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