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The Philip Hofer Prize in Art- and Book-collecting

GSAS student Katharine K. Olson has been awarded first prize in the Philip Hofer Prize for art- and book-bollecting. Olson's prize-winning essay and bibliography, "Collecting Welsh Books," documents her early interest in Welsh culture, piqued by reading works of fantasy, that led to her formal study of Welsh language, culture, and history.

In a tie for second prize, Michael R. Canfield G-3 was honored for his entry, "The Influence and Inspiration of Entomology," including scientific, historic, and literary works. Trevor Cox '02 was honored for "Philately Speaking," focusing on stamps as objects of art and history. Honorable mention went to Patrick Hanley G-5 for "A Collection of Ecological Images," incorporating verbal as well as visual representations of man's relationship with nature.

The Philip Hofer Prize, established by Melvin R. Seiden '52, LLB '55, is awarded jointly by the Houghton Library and the Harvard University Art Museums. It is given for thoughtful and organized collecting that shows purpose, consistency, and quality, and that reflects the interest of the collector. The prize encourages and acknowledges students whose collections of books or works of art demonstrate the breadth, coherence, and imagination exemplified by Philip Hofer, the founder and first curator of the Department of Printing and Graphic Arts in the Houghton Library and secretary of the Fogg Art Museum. To be considered for the Hofer Prize, students must submit essays describing the scope, content, and goal of their collections and annotated lists of works of art or bibliographies of books.

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