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A message from Terry Martin . . .

After eight years as associate librarian for research services in the Harvard Law School (HLS) Library, Paul George will be leaving Harvard at the end of July to take up his new position as director of the Biddle Law Library at the University of Pennsylvania.

Paul joined the Harvard staff as we were beginning the countdown for the renovation of Langdell Hall. At the time there was some significant degree of nervousness in many quarters about closing the Langdell Library for 14 months. How would we provide services? I wasn't sure myself. So I asked Paul to figure it out. Paul and his staff thought deeply and worked very hard. A complex mix of a small onsite reading room, technology, off-site storage, and special services did the trick. As the year without Langdell ended, the Law School's newspaper issued its annual report card and the library received an "A."

Paul's legacy to HLS is a library service program that matches its strong collections. Librarians are now key components in an improved program of legal research instruction. Reference librarians offer 1,000 hours of bibliographic instruction each year. A virtual reference assistant, FRIDA, is part of many faculty offices. The dozen real people who comprise our Faculty Research and Information Delivery Assistance supply thousands of books, photocopies, printouts, and electronic documents to faculty each year from campus collections and beyond. The library's web pages offer a growing amount of information useful to students. Paul has been a key liaison with decanal and student services staff to be sure the School is responsive to student needs.

Paul has also been active in professional circles outside of Harvard, particulary in the Academic Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL). He co-chaired the committee and drafted AALL's Universal Citation Guide, which contains AALL's recommendations for universal citation rules for judicial decisions, statutes, and administrative regulations. Designed in an easy-to-use format, the AALL Universal Citation Guide effectively bridges the gap between current print-based citation forms and the technology-based future of legal information.

In 1971 Harvard recruited Morris Cohen, then Biddle librarian, to become Librarian of the Harvard Law School. Paul's move to Penn settles that debt. We see him leave with congratulations and best wishes for him but no small regrets for us.

Harry S. Martin III
Librarian and Professor of Law
Harvard Law School

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