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A note about PINs

The PIN requirements for the new HOLLIS have generated questions and concerns. PINs, and the benefits that they bring to library patrons, are intended fundamentally for faculty, students, staff, and researchers who hold currently valid Harvard IDs and who have an active, day-to-day role in the life of the University. In some cases, a member of a Harvard alumni/ae association or a special borrower may be eligible for a temporary PIN based on the policies of the library or libraries that the person in question seeks to use. To request a PIN, patrons should visit

Faculty, students, and staff who hold current Harvard IDs and who have registered for a PIN with HUID, can monitor their personal transactions from workstations in the libraries or from offsite. Using the new HOLLIS catalog and a University PIN, faculty, students, and staff can renew, hold, or recall items; renew books from multiple libraries at the same time; view a list of items checked out; check fines online.

For faculty, students, and staff, the PIN also provides offsite access to Harvard's electronic resources. However, any patron—with or with out a Harvard ID—who is inside the four walls of a Harvard library can gain access to the University's electronic resources. But unless a patron has a PIN, remote access to electronic resources is not possible.

Patrons with questions regarding admittance to a library or access to a particular part of the University's library holdings, are encouraged to call in advance to determine policies and procedures. For contact information, visit

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Last modified on Tuesday, July 23, 2002.