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Reorganization of Widener Stacks Continues Through the Summer

With the massive, two-year Widener Stacks Renovation (WSR) accomplished, the Widener Library Stacks Division staff can now complete a comprehensive reorganization of the stacks materials. "Historically, similar materials were often placed in completely different locations," noted Marilyn Wood, Widener's head of access services, "because of the two classification systems employed in the library—Old Widener and Library of Congress. One of our major goals during the renovation has been to bring together the two classifications, so materials of the same subject are adjacent to one and another."

Because the renovations necessitated moving all books in Widener (and many in Pusey), WSR offered the library an unparalleled opportunity to reorganize collections and to create logical adjacencies. The result of the reorganization is a more comprehensible arrangement of the Widener and Pusey collections, easier management of collections for selectors, and an increased awareness of related material in other classifications for patrons.

According to Jeffrey Horrell, associate librarian of Harvard College for collections, "There has not been an opportunity for reconfiguring the Widener collections, on this scale, since the building opened. Johnny Weyand (head of Stacks Division) and his staff deserve much credit for carefully thinking through the many intellectual adjacencies and consulting with a number of our users in the process. This summer they face the huge task of physically moving the collections to realize the new organization. This is a great accomplishment."

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Last modified on Tuesday, July 23, 2002.