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Aleph Humor, or,
Is HOLLIS a Reason for Singing?

In both HOLLIS launches, 1985 and 2002, Harvard libarians found an occasion for song. The 1985 launch featured, among others things, a song by Sidney Verba entitled "Stock your stalls with books from HOLLIS."

The 2002 launch celebration included "Aleph Humor," with words by Lynda Kresge, associate head of Harvard College Library Technical Services, and music by Sir Arthur Sullivan—with no apparent apologies to "the very model of a modern major general" in The Pirates of Penzance. The piece was sung by guest soloist Paul Guttry, with a chorus of Jaylyn Olivo, Lynda Kresge, HUL's Charlie Husbands, and Loeb Design's Barbara Mitchell.

Like Sid Verba's lyrics for the 1985 launch, these, too, will no doubt find an eventual place in the Harvard University Archives:

    I've come to view this system as a voyage of discovery;
    From months of 16-hour days I'm sure to make recovery.
    And now I'm off to check into the local sanitarium,
    I AM the very model of a smart Harvard librarian!

For the complete text of "Aleph Humor," visit

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