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Librarians' Assembly Wants You

"This is a time of great change and opportunity in the library profession, making communication and cooperation an increasingly essential part of our work environment," says Karen Bailey, curator of rare books in the Harvard Business School's Baker Library and the new chair of the Librarians' Assembly Executive Committee (LAEC). "The Librarians' Assembly can play a vital role in helping keep the Harvard library community informed and in touch."

While most Harvard librarians have attended the major fall and spring programs sponsored annually by the Librarians' Assembly, other activities—including orientation lunches for new employees, small workshops about timely library topics, and the administration of the Bryant Fellowships program—are less well known. The Assembly is looking forward to a full year of activities that will encourage staff to explore, to learn, and to share information, and to cultivate new connections with their colleagues. Throughout the year, the LAEC plans a "special emphasis" placed on fostering communication and strengthening links across Harvard's complex library system.

Building on a long tradition of excellent fall and spring programs, Librarians' Assembly will sponsor a December 13 program on the implications for libraries of the USA PATRIOT Act and its affects on Harvard's library staff. (See Save the Date for more info.) Additional activities planned include a forum about managing early retirement and a program about XML that is cosponsored by the LA Professional Development Committee and the University Library's Office for Information Systems.

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) is one of four specific subcommittees of the Librarians' Assembly, and its members have been especially enthusiastic about the Assembly's new emphasis on communication and participation. In addition to developing several workshop topics, they report that a new mentoring program is under consideration. PDC's new cochairs, Manda Mahoney of Baker Library and Alix Reiskind of Harvard Design School's Frances Loeb Library, agree that the goal of the PDC is to promote the intellectual and educational growth of librarians. They are excited about the year's events, about the possible mentoring programs, and about the coming round of new applications (See Deadline Alert for more info.) for the Bryant Fellowships.

To learn more about the Librarians' Assembly, visit To share your ideas or get involved, contact the chair, Karen Bailey ( or 6-9333) or the vice-chair, Rachel Howarth ( or 5-2440).

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Last modified on Tuesday, November 19, 2002.