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FYI: A Reorganization in OIS

This fall, following the Aleph implementation—and taking into account several staff changes—the Harvard University Library's Office for Information Systems (OIS) implemented a minor reorganization intended to benefit OIS customers. The OIS organizational chart is on the web at http://hul.harvard. edu/ois/about/orgchart.html. Under the leadership of Tracey Robinson, head of OIS, the OIS staff is now organized in seven teams or work groups.

The newly constituted Aleph Support Team focuses on all issues related to the continuing implementation of Aleph. Kathleen Anderson, newly appointed as Aleph system manager, oversees the team.

Dianne Stronach, manager of operations, now oversees the pre-existing System Administration/Operations Group and assumes responsibility for the Network Desktop Support Group led by Lesly Corrielus. Julie Wetherill continues in her role as team leader for the User Support Group. Assisted by Patty Hatch, library analyst/training specialist, and Rachel Reams, staff assistant, this team provides training, documentation, and user support for all library systems managed by OIS.

Amira Aaron, the new OIS manager of Projects and Analysis as of October 1,will oversee various OIS developmentprojects, including the LDI grant program, coordinated by Wendy Gogel; the LDI Management Assistance and Planning program (MAP) staffed by Sue Kriegsman; and the Digital Acquisitions Program managed by Ivy Anderson.

Stacy Kowalczyk will continue to manage the Application Programming Group. This group of application developers provides technical and programming support for OIS projects.

In addition, Stephen Abrams has been promoted to digital library program manager. In his new role, Abrams provides technical leadership for digital library developments. He articulates digital library issues within and outside the University, participates actively in the design of systems and services, and provides advice and consultation to units across the University, as well as making contributions to national developments in the field.

The Harvard University Library's Office for Information Systems is in the purview of Dale Flecker, associate director of the University Library for systems and planning. OIS develops, maintains, and constantly enhances the technical infrastructure that supports library and information services at Harvard University. OIS, which is located at 1280 Mass. Avenue, can be reached at 5-3724.

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Last modified on Tuesday, November 19, 2002.