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2003 Library Directory Due in March

The 2003 edition of the annual Harvard University Library Directory is scheduled for publication late in March. While more than 60% of the University's libraries have kept their directory listings up-to-date throughout the year (using the online form at, it is critical that each library review its listings with care prior to publication to ensure that published information is accurate.

On or around January 27, heads of each library will receive proofs in hard copy of directory pages that reflect additions, changes, and deletions to the directory that were received in the University Library office as of December 31, 2002. Additional directory changes should be marked clearly on these page proofs. Page proofs are then to be initialed and returned to Wadsworth House by February 10—whether changes have been requested or not.

For further information, call the Office of the Director of the University Library at 5-3650.

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Last modified on Wednesday, January 15, 2003.