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EndNote Access to HOLLIS Catalog Improved

As of mid March, members of the Harvard community will be able to search the HOLLIS catalog using Z39.50 clients. Of most importance to the Harvard community will be the ability to use Z39.50 access through bibliographic citation management software, such as EndNote, ProCite, and Reference Manager. Using Z39.50 access should simplify and improve use of HOLLIS data in citation management packages.

By decision of the HOLLIS Steering Committee, Z39.50 access to HOLLIS will initially be limited to members of the Harvard community with valid IDs and PINs. After a thorough evaluation of the impact and cost of Z39.50 access to the Harvard system, this access policy may be reviewed. In the meantime, connection files, parameters, and passwords for Z39.50 searching of HOLLIS should emphatically not be shared outside of Harvard.

For more information about the Z39.50 server, choose "Your Account" in the HOLLIS catalog. By clicking on the "EndNote/Z39.50" button, general connection information and parameters, passwords, and pre-configured EndNote files for both PCs and Macs will be available.

One area of complexity with the Z39.50 interface is the extended character repertoire used in HOLLIS. Most citation management and Z39.50 client software cannot yet support the extended Unicode data in HOLLIS. Accordingly, the Harvard University Library Office for Information Systems (OIS) will initially strip some of the diacritics and display only the base characters. An EndNote filter, which can be used as a workaround for users who require the extended Unicode characters, is online at The EndNote guide was posted by Michael Hemment of Widener's Research Services.

For questions or comments about Z39.50 access to the HOLLIS catalog, please contact Janet Taylor in OIS at 5-3724 or

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 19, 2003.