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Staff Activities

Oliver Cutshaw, binding librarian, Widener Library, published "Helpful Hints for the Safe Transport of Library Materials" in Archival Products News, Vol. 9, No. 3. The article describes the preservation response to increased movement of materials within libraries and includes illustrations from the online conservation guidelines found at

Deb Morley, director of information technology services for the Harvard College Library (HCL), and Cheryl LaGuardia, head of instructional services for HCL, presented "The Future of Libraries, Technology, and Instruction: The Case in HCL" for the ABCD-Technology in Education (TIE) working group. Morley and LaGuardia highlighted a number of the College Library's initiatives that integrate library resources with instruction in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The Technology in Education Working Group is interested in how computer systems affect learning from kindergarten through graduate school. The group discusses teaching tools and evaluation techniques for different technologies. Morley became one of the incoming chairs for the ABCD-TIE group this year.

An article by Sue Kriegsman, digital library projects manager in the Harvard University Library's Office for Information Systems, appears in Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, volume 34, number 3, 2002, pp. 367-374. The article is entitled "Catalog Training for People Who Are Not Catalogers: The Colorado Digitization Project Experience." Kriegsman is the former operations coordinator for the Colorado Digitization Project, a cooperative endeavor to enable libraries, museums, historical societies, and archives in Colorado to digitize their materials and post them to a web site.

Hugh Olmsted, Slavic specialist in Widener Library's Research Services, has published an article entitled "Recognizing Maksim Grek: Features of His Language" in Palaeoslavica 10 (2002), no. 2 (Festschrift for Prof. I. Sevcenko), pp. 1-26. He also presented a paper entitled "Boris Godunov, the Patriarchate, and the Memory of Maksim Grek" at the 34th National Convention of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies in Pittsburgh and contributed the formatted Georgian-language titles for the "Christmas Revels" 2002 program.

Michael P. Olson, librarian for Germanic Collections in Widener, was featured in a New England Cable News piece on the Boston Marathon and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's Patient Partner Program. Mike and his eleven-year-old friend Larry Theriault, a Dana-Farber patient afflicted with neurofibromatosis, are training for the Boston Marathon as part of this program. The piece, "Team Effort for Marathon," can be found at, keywords "Dana Farber."

Andras Riedlmayer, bibliographer in Islamic art and architecture in the HCL Fine Arts Library, published the article "From the Ashes: The Past and Future of Bosnia's Cultural Heritage" in the volume Islam and Bosnia: Conflict Resolution and Foreign Policy in Multi-Ethnic States, McGill-Queen's University Press. The article documents the destruction and reconstruction of Bosnia's cultural heritage. A review of the volume is included in Foreign Affairs for January/February 2003.

Roger E. Stoddard, curator of rare books and senior curator in HCL's Houghton Library, and Peter X. Accardo, Houghton's acquisitions bibliographer, contributed items from their personal collections for the exhibition "Grolier Club Collects: Books, Manuscripts, and Works on Paper from the Collections of Grolier Club Members." The exhibition is on display at the Grolier Club in New York City. Poésies Françoises by Giovanni Giorgio Alione (ca. 1460-ca. 1521) comes from Stoddard's collection of rare works. Among the items from Accardo's collection are Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, 8th edition, and Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte, 10th edition. Stoddard and Accardo contributed individual descriptions of the significance of these items in their own collections.

In addition, Thomas A. Horrocks, associate director for special collections and curator of rare books, Countway Library of Medicine, contributed a Cleveland and Thurman 1888 campaign "songster"—or collection of songs composed for political campaigns.

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