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Holden to Retire August 31

After 43 years at Harvard, University Archivist Harley Holden plans to retire on August 31. Holden came to the University Archives in 1960 and has served as University Archivist since 1971. In announcing his retirement plans, Holden noted, "I feel that I will be leaving the University Archives at a time that it is very strong, and growing in relevance and effectiveness."

The University Archives are rooted in collections gathered as early as the 1740s. However, the organization of the Harvard University Archives was not formalized by the Harvard Corporation until 1938. Since then, there have been only three University Archivists: Clifford K. Shipton, Kimball Elkins, and Holden.

According to University Library Director Sidney Verba, "Harley's retirement will mark the end of an era for many of us. But the vitality and the depth of his efforts as University Archivist will be experienced by future generations." In the fall, the University Library will begin a search for Holden's successor.

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