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2003 EPDOP Recipient: Karen Nipps

Karen Nipps, senior cataloger in Technical Services at HCL's Houghton Library, is the 2003 recipient of the University Library's Extended Professional Development Opportunity Program (EPDOP) grant. EPDOP, now in its fifth year, provides professional leaves of one to three months' duration for Harvard library staff to pursue independent projects.

Nipps will use her EPDOP award to continue researching Lydia Bailey, a Philadelphia printer from 1808 to 1860. She has studied Bailey for over a decade and has watched a portrait of the printer emerge that sheds light on her social, political, religious, and book environments. Nipps's work includes a checklist of more than 800 imprints and a biographical study and previously was supported by the Bibliographical Society of America, by Harvard's Bryant Fellowship, and, most recently, by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. She will travel to Philadelphia for one month in order to conduct research at the Library Company of Philadelphia and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, which holds the largest concentration of Bailey material in the world.

"As a principal cataloger of Americana at Houghton, I feel it is my responsibility to know as much as possible about the production of American books," Nipps said. "This requires actively pursuing a greater bibliographical knowledge through research such as that which I engage in when working on Lydia Bailey and her place in the world of book production."

Through a detailed examination and analysis of the various sources available at the Library Company and the Historical Society, Nipps plans to put the finishing touches on her study before publication.

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