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Embossing Ends for Harvard IDs

As of October 2003, ID Card Services will no longer emboss Harvard IDs. Name, ID number, and card expiration date will be printed on the face of each ID card, encrypted in the bar code, and encoded in the magnetic strip on the reverse side.

Since 1993, the University has continuously upgraded Harvard's ID cards, and it has been a consistent goal of ID Card Services to eliminate embossed information. This goal has become particularly pressing since September 11, 2001: since that time, many Harvard facilities, programs, and departments have required constituents to wear their ID cards for security reasons. Wearable ID cards require an extra production step that is at odds with embossing.

Early in 2002, several librarians suggested that embossure continue until the re-implementation of HOLLIS was complete. Now, the libraries have been offered a final opportunity to express any concerns about the elimination of embossed IDs. If the elimination of the embossed information will be problematic to your library, it is critical that you identify the specific problem or problems that you will face.

Please respond by August 25 to

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Last modified on Wednesday, July 23, 2003.