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Deadline Alert:
Fall 2003 EPDOP Applications

Application deadlines are on the horizon for the Extended Professional Development Opportunity Program (EPDOP), now in its sixth year of service to professional library staff at Harvard. EPDOP provides professional leaves of one to three months' duration—with full pay and benefits—for independent projects that increase professional competencies while providing direct benefit to Harvard's libraries.

"The EPDOP program is a significant professional development opportunity," University Library Director Sidney Verba noted. "Harvard library professionals are very much encouraged to apply—and to be imaginative in applying." Eligible projects may include:

  • scholarly research directly related to the applicant's position at Harvard;
  • initiatives to improve technical or library-oriented activities, such as internships and exchanges;
  • internships at other institutions;
  • writing in areas served by the applicant's position; and
  • intensive reading and study in areas new to the applicant's profession and of a scope that extends significantly beyond normal professional expectations.

Fall 2003 Deadlines
Wednesday, October 1
Deadline for discussion of the preliminary proposal with local supervisors and library administration

Wednesday, October 15
Deadline for submission of final, locally approved proposals to the Extended Professional Development Opportunity Review Committee in Wadsworth House

Friday, October 31
Announcement of approved projects by the Review Committee

For full details on the application process and conditions for application, contact Dana Hanify, HUL Administration, at 5-3650 or

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