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HCL Exhibitions

A Celebration of Pablo Neruda, 1904-1973
through April 1
Amy Lowell Room and Chaucer Case
Houghton Library

An exhibition in honor of the centennial of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda's birth. Items featured include manuscript drafts of Neruda's play, Fulgor y muerte de Joaquín Murieta ("Splendor and Death of Joaquín Murieta"), about a legendary Chilean (or Mexican) bandit during the California gold rush. Neruda's political views are illustrated through several of his letters to the Argentine literary figure Victoria Ocampo, and his illustrious career as a poet is represented by various first editions of his works that were published in Chile, Argentina, and Spain.

Civitates Londinium: Maps of London from 1572
through June 30
Harvard Map Collection
Pusey Library

Spanning four centuries and organized chronologically, this exhibition documents how London grew from town to city to mega-metropolis. Moving forward from map to map is like gazing on still frames from a highly sophisticated flip book—the boundaries of the city move out, bridges are built, buildings are burnt and reconstructed.

Harvard Poets: 1900-1945
through September 2004
Lamont Library, Level 5

The university years of influential 20th-century poets (and Harvard graduates) T. S. Eliot, Robert Frost, and E. E. Cummings, along with 27 other early 20th-century writers such as William Burroughs, Robert Lowell, and Stanley Kunitz, are explored. The exhibition is composed of photographs and short biographies for each poet, including anecdotes, copies of early poems, and excerpts from journals.

Res Gestae: Libri Manent
A Curator's Choice

through March 31, 2004
Edison and Newman Room
Houghton Library

For the last 41 years, Roger E. Stoddard, curator of rare books in the Harvard College Library, has discovered, purchased, and presented to scholars some of the most famous, unusual, and sought-after books and manuscripts in the world. During his tenure, Stoddard added some 65,000 books and manuscripts to the Rare Books collection at Houghton Library. This exhibition celebrates Stoddard's career and highlights 89 of the curator's favorite acquisitions.

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