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Harvard Library Staff Contribute 33 Chapters to Magazines for Libraries

The 12th edition of Magazines for Libraries (R.R. Bowker, 2003) includes 33 chapters written by Harvard librarians from four Harvard faculties—Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, and Government. The book is a selective, annotated bibliography of nearly 6,900 journals chosen by experts in their respective fields, and consists of 158 chapters on subjects ranging from aggregators and biological sciences to sexuality and urban studies.

First published by R. R. Bowker and Bill Katz in 1969, the book selects and reviews magazines and periodicals for elementary and secondary school, public, academic, or special libraries. The MFL serves as a standard collection management tool for librarians around the world who use the reference work to decide if a particular title is right for their library. Librarians also use the book to instruct users in thinking critically about sources and to assist users in finding the best serial for a specific interest.

Cheryl LaGuardia, head of instructional services for the College Library, is the editor of MFL, and Jeff Kosokoff, head of reference services at Lamont Library, is assistant editor. Contributing librarians, with their chapter topics, are:

  • Mary Frances Angelini, Grossman Library, Harvard Extension School, FAS: craft
  • Julia Ashmun, Widener Library, HCL: boats and boating
  • Joe Bourneuf, Widener Library, HCL: philately
  • Fred Burchsted, Widener Library, HCL: geography
  • Barbara Burg, Widener Library, HCL: Afro-American
  • Mary Beth Clack, Widener Library, HCL: literary reviews
  • George Clark, Cabot Library/Social Science Program, HCL: environment and conservation
  • Linda Collins, Lamont Library, HCL: horses
  • Meghan Dolan, Littauer Library/Social Science Program, HCL: population studies
  • Gladys Dratch,Gutman Library, GSE: education
  • Barbara Esty, Baker Library, HBS: finance
  • Laura Farwell Blake,Widener Library, HCL: literary reviews
  • Deb Garson, Gutman Library, GSE: education
  • Sue Gilroy, Lamont Library, HCL: literature
  • Barbara Halporn, Widener Library, HCL: gardening
  • Michael Hemment, Widener Library, HCL: humor; photography
  • Rachel Howarth, Houghton Library, HCL: bibliography
  • Carrie Kent, Widener Library, HCL: journalism and writing; parenting
  • Jeff Kosokoff, Lamont Library, HCL: abstracts and indexes; aggregators; travel and tourism
  • Cheryl LaGuardia, Widener Library, HCL: abstracts and indexes; editor's preface
  • Carrie Macfarlane, Widener Library, HCL: literature
  • Pam Matz, Widener Library, HCL: home
  • Constance Mayer, Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library, HCL: popular music
  • Elizabeth McKeigue, Widener Library, HCL: theater
  • Ralph Montilio, Hilles Library, HCL: general music
  • Chip Robinson, Widener Library/625, HCL: gardening
  • Helene Williams, Widener Library, HCL: computer science and automation; literature
  • Melanie Wisner, Houghton Library, HCL: archives and manuscripts
  • Suzanne Wones, JFK School of Government Library: Native Americans

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