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ICG Instructors' Toolkit Includes New Link to HOLLIS

As a first step in collaboration between iCommons, the FAS Instructional Computing Group (ICG), and the University Library's Office for Information Systems (OIS) on library-related instructional tools, a new HOLLIS Catalog search-box tool has been added to the Instructors' Toolkit on both the iCommons and ICG sites.

The Instructors' Toolkit allows instructors to take advantage of prefabricated templates, to customize particular areas of a course web site, or to create a course site entirely from scratch, integrating interactive tools such as discussion forums, glossaries, video, and polling tools. (Editor's note: The search-box tool can only be located by faculty members who have logged in to the Instructors' Toolkit. The toolkit "tour" at, does not currently display the HOLLIS Catalog search box.)

Using the new library tool, instructors now have the option of placing a HOLLIS Catalog search box on all pages of a course web site. Students can use this search box to enter terms and directly search the catalog from the course site. The search is equivalent to the Keywords Anywhere search in the HOLLIS Catalog. The search results are returned in a separate window, and all functionality of the Catalog is available until the window is closed. There is also a link to a subset of HOLLIS help included with the search box.

"We encourage library staff to alert appropriate members of the faculty to the availability of the new HOLLIS Catalog search-box tool," stated Amira Aaron, manager for projects and analysis in OIS. Faculties currently using the ICG/iCommons course platforms are FAS, Education, Divinity, Public Health, and Design. Comments or suggestions should be directed to Aaron at

Going forward, an important goal for the Harvard libraries is continued collaboration with iCommons and ICG on a number of initiatives to integrate library resources more fully into the course management systems on campus. One such project currently underway is the development of a reading-list tool, incorporating reserves, for both the instructor and the library to facilitate the compilation and display of course reading lists on course web sites. OIS plans to have a prototype of the reading-list tool available for Spring 2005.

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Last modified on Friday, May 21, 2004.